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Terms of Sales


Article 1 : Present contract is proposed by the Reservation Service exclusively for the booking of Gîtes duly registered as “Gîtes de France” by the relevant regional Office (Côtes d’Armor) in the name of the Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France. The Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France can not be responsible for the use of these contracts by third persons or for purposes other than for holiday accommodation.

2- Duration of the stay

The client signs the present contract for a determined duration and will not be entitled to stay longer in the gîte than stated in the contract.

3- Responsibility

The reservation service is responsible for the performance of the obligations in accordance with the present sales conditions. The reservation service will not be responsible in case of unforeseeable circumstances, of force majeure, or of a third person.

4- Booking

Booking is considered as a firm one when the reservation service receives a deposit for 25% of the total amount (including a booking fee and the cancellation insurance) together with a copy of the contract bearing the signature of the client, before the deadline stated on the contract.

5- No right of withdrawal: for bookings made by mail, phone or Internet the client has no right of withdrawal according to article L.121-20-4 of the French “code de la consommation” and namely for services in relation to lodging which must be supplied on a particular date or during a defined period.

6- Settlement of the balance payment

The client must pay the balance of its holiday cost to the reservation service no later than one month before its start date. Non payment of the balance monies, when they become due, will constitute cancellation and forfeiture of the deposit payment.

7- Late booking

In case of a booking made less than 30 days before its start date, the full amount of the holiday cost is due when making the booking.

8- Holiday confirmation form

As soon as the holiday cost is paid, the reservation service sends to the client a holiday confirmation form to be given to the owner of the property on the arrival day.

9- Arrival

The client must arrive on the day and the hours stated on the present contract and on the holiday confirmation form. The client must advise the owner of any arrival delay or any event preventing the holiday taking place the moment the client becomes aware of it.

10- Cancellation by the client

If the client has to cancel his holiday, for whatever reason, he must immediately write to us (registered mail)

a -  The client has subscribed the cancellation insurance (refer to the insurance form accordingly)

b -  The client has not subscribed the cancellation insurance, the sum refunded by the reservation service will be calculated as follows (under exception of booking fee):

* Cancellation more than 30 days before the start date and before the 21st day (included) before the start date: the reservation service will keep 25% of the holiday cost.

* Cancellation between the 20th and the 8th day (included) before the start date: the reservation service will keep 50% of the holiday cost.

* Cancellation between the 7th and the 2nd day (included) before the start date: the reservation service will keep 75% of the holiday cost.

* Cancellation less than 2 days before the start date or in case of no-show there will be no refund.

11- Change of a substantial part

If, before the start date, the reservation service is forced to change one of the substantial parts of the contract, the client is entitled:

* either to cancel the contract and to immediately get the refund of the paid sums.

* or to accept the change as proposed by the seller : an amendment regarding this change will in this case have to be signed by the parties. In case this means a price reduction, the difference will be refunded to the client before the start date.

12- Cancellation by the seller

If the reservation service cancels the holiday booking, it must inform the client by registered mail. Any monies paid up will be immediately refunded

to the client plus an allowance which will be equal, at least, to the penalty the client would have suffered if he had cancelled the contract at the same date.

This does not apply if the parties come to an amicable agreement, the client accepting another holiday accommodation as proposed by the reservation service.

13- Event preventing the reservation service to perform the obligations settled in the contract

If, during the holiday time, the seller is unable to perform an important part of the obligations settled in the contract, representing an appreciable amount of the price paid by the client, the reservation service will propose another accommodation as to replace the original and will be eventually charged by any additional cost. If the alternative accepted by the client is less expensive than the original, the reservation service will refund the price difference before the end of the holiday. If the seller is not in a position to offer an alternative or if the client refuses it for qualifying reasons, a compensation will be payable to the client on the same basis than in case of the cancellation by the seller.

14- Interruption of the holiday

In case the client interrupts his holiday no sum will be refunded, unless the reason for interrupting enters the frame of the insurance cancellation if taken by the client.

14- Number of persons using the holiday accommodation

The present contract is made for a maximum of persons. The holiday group must not exceed the maximum number of persons the property will sleep. If it does, the owner can refuse the „exceeding“ persons in his property or make the client leave the accommodation before the end of the holiday. If this happens we will treat your holiday as having been cancelled by you.

16- Transfer of the contract by the client

The client is entitled to transfer his contract to an assignee having the same characteristics as himself regarding the holiday. If this happens, the assignor must inform the reservation service by registered mail no later than 7 days before the start date. Transfer of the contract must occur at cost price. Assignor and assignee are jointly responsible towards the seller for the payment of the balance monies and for the additional charges eventually occurring by the transfer.

17- Insurances

The client’s liability will be engaged in case of any damages caused by him. He must commit to have a “holiday“ insurance covering these risks.

18- Inventory

An inventory will be carried out and signed by the owner and by the client on the arrival day and on the departure day. This inventory will constitute the only basis in case of dispute regarding the condition of the accommodation. The client must look after the property: this means the client must keep all furniture, fittings and effects in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of the holiday. The client must keep and leave the property in the same state of cleanliness in which he found it. Otherwise, the owner can make an additional cleaning charge as stated on the “additional charges” page.

19- Pets: at the time of booking the client must notify the number of pets he plans to bring. The description indicates the extra costs for a pet (charge per day, additional deposit, extra fee for final cleaning). Pets can be subject to specific conditions of stay stated by the owner of the holiday house (internal rules). In case of no respect of these requirements, the contract can be cancelled at the expense of the client.

20- Security deposit

At the client’s arrival a security deposit will be asked by the owner for the amount stated on the „additional charges” page. On the departure day and after the inventory, this security deposit is given back to the client, after deduction of the repairing costs in case of damages caused by the client.

In the event of early departure (that is before 10.00 a.m.) preventing the inventory to be carried out, the security deposit will be sent by the owner to the client within one week.

21- Additional charges payable directly to the owner

At the end of the stay the client will pay to the owner the additional charges not included in the renting price. They will be calculated on the basis stated on the “additional charges” page.

22- Disputes

Any claim regarding the condition of the accommodation or the description of the accommodation must be transmitted to the reservation service within 3 days from the arrival date. Any other claim must be sent in written form as soon as possible. In the event of a persistent dispute, this dispute can be submitted to the quality service of the Fédération Nationale des Gîtes de France which will do its utmost to get to an amicable agreement.